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Allianz SE
General Meeting: Photographic Documentary
Olympic Hall Munich 2012 - 2015, Germany
Corporate Photography

General Meeting: Photographic Documentary
Olympic Hall Munich 2012 - 2015, Germany
Corporate Photography

BMW Group
Trade Show: Brands BMW | MINI | Rolls Royce
43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013, Japan
Beijing Motor Show 2014, China
Paris Motor Show 2014, France
Corporate Photography


Björn Hermann lichtdesign

Light Festival 2017 - 2020, Austria

VideoDays YouTube 2019, Germany

Metro 2018, Germany

Event & Art Photography
Blue Scope mbH
Geneva International Motor Show 2015, Switzerland
Paris Motorshow 2016, France
Corporate Photography

b+s exhibitions GmbH
Trade Show and Booklet
Paris Motor Show Toyota 2014, France
Corporate Photography

Clair Global | Audiorent
Lionel Richie 2015, Germany
AC/DC Tour 2015, Germany
Planet Earth Live in Concert Tour 2015, Germany
Performance Photography
De Vries + Partner GmbH
The Next 100 Years BMW, Germany
Event Photography


Kaiser Showtechnik GmbH

Dicht und Ergreifend Olympic Hall 2019, Germany

MEHR Show at Messe Augsburg, Germany

Performance Photography

Novartis AG

Business Theatre, Annual Medical Meeting 2013, Germany Corporate Photography


POOLgroup GmbH
Fall of the Wall 25 2014, Germany
Udo Jürgens Tour 2014, Germany
Piano Guys Tour 2014, Germany
Matthias Reim Rehearsal 2014, Germany
Just White Festival 2014, Germany
Business Portrait POOL 2016, Germany
G7 Summit 2015, Germany
Discussions on Syria 2016, Germany
Luke Mokridge Tour 2016, Germany
Deutsche Telekom General Meeting 2015 - 2016
Lanxess General Meeting 2015 - 2016, Germany
Technical Documentation & Event Photography


ROBE Deutschland GmbH

LD Summit HAW Hamburg 2020, Germany 

Lighting Photography

Business Meeting
GMA Day 2013, Switzerland
Business Portrait
Peak Awards 2014, Switzerland
Corporate & Portrait Photography


Satis&Fy AG

Lighting Festival 2017, Austria

Event Photography

Screen Visions GmbH
BAILEYS Road Show 2014, Germany
Vodka Tour 2015, Germany
Milka Road Show 2016, Germany
Ferrero/Duplo Road Show 2016, Germany
Corporate Photography


Swarovski GmbH

Lighting Festival 2017 - 2020, Austria

Architecture Photography
Vantage Global GmbH
International Business Meeting
ROCHE MTC London 2014, UK
ROCHE AMD Barcelona 2014, Spain
ROCHE EHA Milan 2014, Italy
ROCHE GMA Basel 2014, Germany
Corporate Photography


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